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Leather Working Tools




The World Crafts Council – Latin America seeks to strengthen the role of crafts as a vital part of culture, economy and society, deepening the appreciation for traditional handicrafts in today's society, while, at the same time, stimulating the reunion of artisans with the needs of modern life and promoting craftsmanship as a means of expression and exploration on an individual and collective level.


  • Our mission is to achieve better living conditions for artisans, working in two directions: on the one hand, promoting the appreciation of the public towards traditional craft expressions and, on the other, stimulating innovation in order to make artisanal products come back to be an important part of everyday life

  • Our vision is that of a world where craftsmanship is properly valued at all social levels and whose actors interact positively with the protagonists of the art world and the industrial design.

  • Our goal is to strengthen the links between the different components of the artisanal system at a continental level so that we can work together to improve the role of crafts as an important part of our current life, while establishing links to disseminate the Latin American artisanal wealth outside the continental borders.

  • Our organization is open to people – artisans and non-artisans - and public and private institutions that work for the development and promotion of crafts.

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