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Eligibility of Membership

The Membership of the WCC shall be open to any institution, organization and individuals from countries of the 5 Regions of the WCC AISBL:

(1) Who are involved in the encouragement, development, promotion, and encouragement of crafts in any manner or form in their respective countries or elsewhere, (2) Who adopts the principles, objectives, Bye-laws, and discipline of the WCC AISBL, and (3) who, in the judgment of WCC AISBL, are capable of and willing to carry out their obligations to WCC AISBL.

The  WCC AISBL organization  is  composed  of  two types of members, that is National Entity and Associate Member, all being classified in three categories, who can participate in all the activities of WCC AISBL:
Handmade Quilt

- The term “National Entity” means a legal entity under private or public law, including every group, community, company, association or foundation or any other organization, a State or a Government office, a ministry or an agency that best represents the interests of men and women skilled in the arts and crafts of such countries in the context of the activities of WCC organisation.
- Can vote in a General Assembly
- Are first admitted at the regional level as the best representative of the crafts in their country
- Their rights can be suspended following non-payment of dues, or violation of Terms & Conditions
- Their membership can be excluded by a 2⁄3 majority vote at the General Assembly
- Members are required to pay an annual subscription as decided at the General Assembly (US $ 100)

Apply for membership using our offline form

Apply for membership using our online form

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