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Xianyou  (China) 

Xianyou is located in the middle of Fujian southeast coast, between Fuzhou metropolitan area and Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou metropolitan areas the joint part of north-south shore of Meizhou bay, the total space is 1835 square kilometers, with 17  villages and towns, one street office,  and six  management committee.  The  county  has  a  total  population  of 1.15  million  people, about  a third of the total population of Putian City, as one of five counties with population over one million, including more than 200,000 travelling overseas Chinese and more than (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots.  The county  has "seven hills, one river and  farmlands", and the forest coverage rate reaches up to 70.57%, with obvious advantages in the tourism, energy, forest resources,   and   featured   agriculture.


There   are   twelve   beautiful   sceneries, including the Caixi rocks, Jiuli Lake waterfall, Maixie rocks, Pegasus hanging ladder of Tenma Mountain, etc., of which included two national 4A level scenic spots, and one national 3A level scenic spot. Xianyou is rich in longan, loquat, shaddock, pearl barley, sweet persimmon, etc., is a "national tourism demonstration zone", "China's ecological tourism county", "provincial ecological county", and "provincial garden county".


Sustainable and healthy development of industry

Since China’s reform and opening up , woodcarving craftsmen of talent come out under the support of the relevant departments, has become the pillar industry and enriching industry of the county economy. In 2015, classical furniture industry output value is more than 30 billion Yuan, having more than 4000 enterprises, here into: 154 industrial enterprises above designated size, the total output value is 18.426 billion -Xuan, taking up 40.6% of the gross value of total industrial output value 45.44 billion Yuan.


Persist in the shareable development and gathering craftsmen. Create more  employment opportunities and foster business startup. Aspiring young become self-employed through the rosewood industry business to get rich. Currently the county employment quantity is up to 213000, attracted more than 9000 labor force from Jiangxi, Hunan and other places.

Establish education  Training  System

We  encourage  Meizhou  Bay  Technology College, Xianyou vocational technical secondary school, provincial academy of fine  arts  to  build  training  bases  through  the cooperation  with  enterprises, establishing the" university-enterprise cooperation, working-study alternation, production   combined   with  study,  harmony   and  win-win" skilled personnel training new mode, taking the colleges and universities as the intellectual support and technical resources  of arts and crafts to guide enterprises  to realize the creativity, innovation  and creation of products. Perfect talent incentive mechanism. Based on "Implementation opinion on strengthening the construction of arts and crafts industry personnel", we enlarge the talent cultivation project  that  the policy  is "Letting  a hundred  flowers  bloom,  a hundred schools of thought contend", establishing arts and crafts  talents innovation incentive mechanism, and implementing the talent  introduction policies, and urge enterprises to provide perfect social insurance policy. The county government also coordinates to solve the migrant workers' material amenities, schooling of their  children  and other problems so as to absorb more and more skilled talents from place to place. At present, in our county,  the monthly income of engravers in the classical  furniture  industry  is more  than 6000 Yuan.

In short, our county will take this evaluation as  an  opportunity  to  further enhance the competitiveness and influence of "Xian Zuo" rosewood cultural industry in the world, letting "Xian Zuo" go outside and enter into the world market. We firmly believe that with the strong support of the leaders and experts present and the efforts of the whole county, Xianyou is bound to become a renowned "City of World's Chinese Classical Furniture".

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