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WCC Award of Excellence for Handicrafts (WCC-AoE)

The Award of Excellence for Handicrafts was established by UNESCO in 2001 under the name of Seal of Excellence. Owing to its success, the programme was expanded worldwide. Since 2014, WCC is continuing the programme of the award under the patronage of UNESCO within the Asia Pacific Region and now, World Crafts Council AISBL (International). The Award is coordinated by the following partner organizations:
Africa, Asia Pacific Region, Europe, North America, Europe and Latin America.

The WCC “Award of Excellence for Handicrafts” aims to encourage designer-makers, artisans and craft makers to produce and create new forms of handicrafts using traditional, heritage and/or contemporary craft resources. . .


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We are pleased to announce the Final Results of the WCC-Award of Excellence for Handicrafts (WCC-AoE) 2021-2022.  

Please find the following links regarding the "WCC-Award of Excellence for Handicrafts 2021-2022", for your kind attention:

     1.   WCC-AoE 2021-2022 Press Statement

     2.   Consolidated list of the WCC-AoE Awarded Products 

     3.   Photos of the Jurying Event held in Bukhara, Uzbekistan in May 2022

Congratulations to the WCC-AoE APR Awardees and wishing the other participants better chances for the next round/cycle.

WCC Award of Excellence for Jurying Cycle 2021-2022

The Timeline for WCC-Award of Excellence  2021-2022 is as follows:

  • Application Distribution:                        :   15th November - 31st   December 2021


  • Submissions:                                           :   1st February - 31st March 2022

  • Regional Pre-Evaluation:                       :   1st April - 15th April 2022

  • Final Evaluation:                                      :   15th April - 15th May 2022

  • Announcement of  Awarded Products :   30th  May 2022

Click here to download the ​Complete Application Kit of WCC-AoE 2021-2022

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