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 Sirjan  (Iran) 

Art and handcrafts and its history: (handcrafts fields, handcraft history, handcraft actives) the noblest handcraft and conventional art fields of Sirjan region are its rural and tribal handcrafts since these productions have still preserved the most important trait of handcraft which is enjoying culture, primary materials and native identity, artistic and subjective relish of the artist. Since living of rustics and tribesmen mostly depends on agriculture, gardening and stockbreeding, it is natural that local handcrafts are in the service of the mentioned fields and products and are mostly fed by primal materials acquired from agriculture and stockbreeding that in Sirjan too, this point is significant.


Also, Kilim weaving is the oldest carpet weaving method and this method has an old history in Kerman province and Sirjan region. What is certain is that Kilim weaving and carpet weaving have been current in this region from past and have found more diversity and extension with entrance of migrant nations to this region. Tribes of this region who consumed primary bestial materials themselves and did not present them to bazar, prepared the Kilims totally from wool, the producers acquired colored materials from herbs and colored the woolen strings they had spined and twisted by themselves and made hanks from them and set up Kilim scaffold on the ground and bowstringed and weaved it and after weaving cut it and this Kilim was used by them or one of tribe or neighborhood inhabitants. This production routine had been usual till almost 70 years ago which today have slightly changed.

Kilim weaving is the oldest method of carpet weaving and this method has an old history in Kerman province and Sirjan city. What is certain is that Kilim and carpet weaving has existed in this region from past and with entrance of migrant nations – Afshar , Bochaghchi, Gheraie and Lori tribes – to this region has found more diversity and extension. Undoubtedly, the background of Kilim weaving and at the course of time and continuance of its weaving , various techniques development and novation of knot weaving method or carpet weaving formation is not hidden from anyone. Generally, Kilim weaving in Sirjanregion has a great variety in technique (weaving method)- simple weaved, single hook, pair hook, pendant woof, additional woof, ShirikiPeech , carpet Kilim and design – three headed, stripy, Mosakhani, bergamot Lachak, Toranjdar, bestial, Boteie, boteshahi, and pattern – Termeo, Mahrooz, AghrabooGoldar, Maderouz, Shakh, Shokolatoo, Chogoon, Madkhal and so on.

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