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 Sakon Nakhon  (Thailand) 

Sakon Nakhon Province has a unique local wisdom regarding a handicraft produced from the natural indigo dye, and knowledge of making natural dye is transmitted from generation to generation for many centuries. Nowadays, in Sakon Nakhon Province, there is a number of agriculturists who plants indigo, and we have the professional craftsperson over 10,000 people in every areas of the province. In addition, the products, in Sakon Nakhon Province, made from the indigo can make an income for total mass over 500,000,000 baht per a year.

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Not surprisingly, Handicrafts made from natural indigo dyed cotton have a severely impact on people in the community because, in the processes of making natural indigo dyed cotton, people will help each other to achieve their handicrafts. Moreover, they will transmit their knowledge from generation to generation, so Co-operative of cluster handicraft of Northeastern has been established. The Co-operative has a good management from the members of the group, and the group helps the members in community to have an opportunity to make an income. This activities will also help the members to learn how to coordinate among the members in the community (E.g. designing, managing, marketing and selling). The achievement turns the concept of local wisdom to the sufficiency economy.

The river Song Kram in Sakon Nakhon province. The word ‘Song’ means forest and ‘Kram’ refers to indigo. In the past, the ancients observed that the earth nearby the river will turn to be indigo color, so they bring an indigo to ferment and turn into a dye. The knowledge is transmitted to the newer generation until now. However, within 20 years, there are some researches claims that indigo becomes an economic plant for over 6,000 years in Central America and East Asia. As a result of the development of industry, indigo plant has been used in the process, so they are almost extinct. Nowadays, there are only five counters which grow indigo plant. Particularly in Sakon Nakhon province, we have a unique technique called "The King of Natural Dye" to weave cotton without using an elective and conserving an environment.

Generally, the ancient will teach their children to wear costumes which are made from the natural dyed cotton (E.g. a floor-length skirt, long-sleeved shirt and turban) before going to the field. The protection will help agriculturists from the sun burn. As the result, the agriculturist in Sakon Nakhon province will have a white skin. Moreover, when children have some pains, the parents will tie with a cotton which is made from indigo dyed cotton, and the pain will disappear. Furthermore, the water, which is used in the process of making indigo dye, will be brought to water mushrooms, and they have a sweet smile. This phenomena cannot be proved by science right now.

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