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Protecting and Branding of Craft Regions

Day 1: Monday, 23 August 2021

Day 2: Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Day 3: Wednesday, 25 August 2021

This workshop aims to build resilience and enable organizations to protect their craft products while strengthening their brand. It will introduce the application of tools of protection and branding; and assist participants in using the most appropriate to protect and brand their craft products.

Specific crafts, materials or processes are often associated with a particular place or region which can contribute to growth in the tourism sector. Being a renowned place for making crafts (and in some cases, specialist in a particular type of craft), can contribute to a sense of identify and pride amongst residents, community, especially its craft practitioners and those related to the craft industry.

However, success can lead to unscrupulous traders importing similar products made elsewhere, labeling them as being made locally, passing them off as authentic products. These are then sold in the town or city or exported to uninformed customers.

As a reaction to such deceitful acts, some organisations have considered means to certify, authenticate and label craft products that are made within the geographical limits of the city. At the same time, they are also interested to project a stronger banding of the city and their products, to enhance the marketing endeavours of both the city and the craft communities working within it.

This workshop aims to assist participants to combat these challenges while strengthening their brand.


Hence, this workshop will:
- introduce tools and instruments of protection and branding;
- examine the application of each tool and instrument towards protecting or branding or both; and
- assist participants in using the most appropriate tools and instruments to protect and brand their craft products and localities.
The intended outcome is to build resilience through protecting craft products while enhancing the brand of the organisation and locality.


Workshop Speakers:

- Ananya Battacharya, Co-founder and Director, banglanatak dot com

- Prof Harriet Deacon, Consultant

- Leticia Caminero, Legal Officer, Traditional Knowledge Division World Intellectual Property Org.

- Prof Benedetta Ubertazzi, Legal Expert and UNESCO facilitator, Glocal Capacity Building

  Programme for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage

- Anindita Patra, Culture and Development Officer, banglanatak dot come

- Andrea Zappalogilo, Lecturer Intellectural Property Law, University of Sheffield

- William Long, Independent Research and Collaborator, Studio Ubertazz

- Dr Joseph Lo, Consultant

Workshop Documents (PDF Links):

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