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 Mashhad  (Iran) 

Mashhad is a metropolis located in Northeast of Iran and it is the center of Khorasan Razavi province. lt is located in the Basin of Kashafrood River in Mashhad plain stretched between Hezar Masjed and Binalood mountains.

Based on the latest statistics published by the Vice-presidency for Traditional Arts and Handcrafts, currently, near 370 fields are classified in 15 groups of which 70 fields are registered in Khomsan Razavi province. Mashhad with more than 62 active fields of handcrafts is one of the major cities of Iran in this field. Having more than 8900 individual and group workshops with 20000 artists and craftsmen, it is also considered among the first three cities of the country concerning the working population. Among the most significant fields we can refer to traditional ornaments (inlay, metal work on ring, carving) stone carving, kelim-weaving, traditional saddler. Mashhad embroidery by hand, tile works, seven-colour tiles, traditional tile work, wood works, Knot mirror design, wood decorations, turquoise works, pottery and 
ceramics, traditional designs, lattice wood, lattice material, wood joinery, leather works, turquoise works, stalactite works. plaster works. Iranian painting, mirror works and so on. 

Mashaad stone polisher
Mashaad analysis

​The city is located on the Silk road route with a history of several thousand years in the field of trading activity of precious and semi-precious stones. 

  • The presence of more than 120 million pilgrims and tourists in Mashhad as a religious centre

  • The existence of more than 90% of the units of stone cutting in Mashhad 

  • The existence of specialised training centres on gemstones and training on cutting stones 

  • The existence of specialised laboratory for recognising and assessing precious stones. 

  • The existence of more than 36 experts and trained estimators in Mashhad custom offices

  • Existence of trained experts in Mashhad Central Bank 

  • Existence of the only industrial cluster of jewellery in Mashhad 

  • Employment of more than 85% of producing units to manufacturing jewellery (stone and metal) instead of gold 

  • Consuming about 28.4% of the country's gold in jewellery cluster of Mashhad 

  • Presence of different units of artistic arts and handicrafts on gemstone products including turquoise placement, carving, calligraphy, work on rings, and inlay 

  • Employment of more than 16100 persons in the field of gemstone and related activities 

  • The existence of the world's biggest quality turquoise mine in this region 

  • Existence of more than 15 types of gemstones in Khorasan Razavi mines including garnet, types of agates, turquoise, types of quartz, types of jasper, aquamarine and types of ruby 

  • The secretariat of the Association for Coordination of Science-Industry and Iranian jewellery and gemstone market is located in Mashhad 

  • More than 1200 Billion Iranian Rials value of gemstone export per year 

  • Registering the first brands in specialised field of gemstones in Mashhad under titles of (Abgineh, Pivehzhan, Gold Angels) 

The existence of the first acrodite laboratory of brilliant and colour stones in Mashhad and organising the first competition and conference of designing jewellery and gemstones in Mashhad (2014) as well as holding the first conference of gemstones and turquoise festival in Mashhad (2012) and the existence of the first units of designing jewellery and gemstones of the country in Mashhad among other privileges of this city

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