Kilkenny, Ireland 

The World Crafts Council – Europe aims to strengthen the status of crafts as a vital part of cultural and economic life, to promote a sense of fellowship among the craftspeople of the world and to offer them encouragement, help and advice.


  • Our mission is to elevate awareness and appreciation of crafts as an integral part of societies cultural, social and economic wellbeing 

  • Our vision is a world where craftsmanship and its inherent skills are valued and appreciated at every level of society.

  • Our purpose is to strengthen the status of and promote crafts as a vital part of cultural, social and economic life through our global network of members and affiliates

  • Our membership is open to national, regional and professional bodies that have a mandate to advocate for and develop craft

Regional European President

Louise Allen - Design and Crafts Council of Ireland, Rep of Ireland


Other board members

Laura Miguel Baumann, Vice President, Fundesarte, Spain

Elisa Guidi, Artex- Centre for Artistic & Traditional Handicrafts in Tuscany, Italy

Aude Tahon, Ateliers d'Art de France, France

Hege Henriksen, Norwegian Crafts, Norway


World Crafts Council Europe


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