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Dehua  (China) 

Dehua is a millennial city with a long history, which is located in the northwest part of Quanzhou and in the central part of Fujian Provience. It is founded in the fourth year(A.D.933) after Changxing Period in Tang Dynasty, with the area of 2232 square kilometers.

World Porcelain City: Dehua’s porcelain production dates back to the Neolithic age, as early as Song and Yuan Dynasties, Dehua ceramic became the important export commodities of the Marine Silk Road, and it is listed in the country's first batch of intangible cultural heritage protection projects. Dehua is the largest production and exportation base of ceramic art wares in China, national export ceramic quality and safety demonstration area. It has won the honors of China ancient ceramic capital, Hometown of China’s Folk(ceramics) Arts, and China’s Famous City of Ceramic History and Culture Successively.

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China’s best eco-tourism City:Dehua has a forest coverage rate of 78.4%, the first place in Quanzhou. The ambient air quality of its urban area is close to the national primary standard and the water qualification rate of its drinking water source is 100%. Its ecological environment quality ranks top in Fujian and No. 1 in Quanzhou. It is National Green Model County, National Ecological City, National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone, and China’s best eco-tourism City.

Chinese ceramic e-commerce Top 100 Counties: Dehua, a county occupying more than 80% of national internet tea set sailing market, ranks among national Top 10 most vibrant Cities for Mass E-Commer entrepreneurship, and it is China’s largest ceramic e-commerce industrial Base.

Characteristic Agricultural Demonstration County: Dehua has plenty ecological safety green agricultural products. Black chicken, black Rabbit, Chinese yam, eighteen-petals tea flower has won the national Agro-product Geographical Indications. It is China’s Hometown of early-ripe pears, China’s Hometown of tea-oil trees and China’s Hometown of bamboos.

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