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Bornholm  (Denmark) 

Danish island of Bornholm is situated in the Baltic Sea between the Scandinavian Peninsula, the European continent and the Baltic States. Bornholm has previously been under Swedish rule and further back it has had a cosmopolitan history due to trade-routes and related cultural exchange involving the inhabitants. Bornholm has a strong tradition of crafts making, primarily glass blowing and pottery/ceramics, and is also renowned for its artists, primarily painters, and hosts one of three regionalized “artist colonies” in Denmark. There is a widespread perception that the Bornholm light and atmosphere have something to offer the artistic creative process.

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Today the craft sector on Bornholm consists of a relatively large number of craftsmen, as well as many open workshops, the quality of which spans from massed-produced souvenir products to high quality unique works of crafted art. Workshops with ceramic art and glass art production are prominent,but a number of other crafted art forms have come to the island, including silversmiths, blacksmiths,jewellery makers, wood carving artists, weavers and textile artists.With strict quality assessment as a regulating entrance condition, the Arts and Crafts AssociationBornholm (ACAB) is the most prestigious craft community on Bornholm, but there are a number ofother crafted arts communities on the island, including the "Bornholmske Kunsthåndværkere" Association,and the association of Bornholm arts and crafts persons, “Bimaris”.

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