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Bahla  (Oman) 

Bahla is famous for multiple handicrafts products such as agriculture and grazing and many traditional Omani crafts like pottery, silverware and leather making.

The Government of Oman is putting a big effort into preserving the Traditional knowledge. It sees the intangible crafts as one elements of that identity, therefore, the concern of the crafts is one of those aspects. In increasing the awareness about the important roles of the crafts, there is continuous co-operation between the Public Authority For Craft Indicters and the Ministry Of The Education and other Governmental bodies.

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Bahla city represents a good example of Informal Craft Education where the skills and knowledge are transferred from the old generation to the younger one and that can be appeared in the crafts of poetries, silverware and indigos (natural dyes), most of the informal Craft Education can be seen within the families where the knowledge and skills transferred from fathers to sons.  In practice, exhibitions usually occur within a cultural or educational setting such as a museum, art gallery, park, library, exhibition hall, or World's fairs. The exhibition aims to increase competition among artisans, enhance the interest of young people in the sector and facilitate exchange of experiences among artisans participating in the event.



The Pottery industry is one of the ancient industries in the Sultanate of Oman. The findings show that Oman has played a prominent role in trades and social relationship between countries in the area.


Palm Leaf

Palm Leaf craft is a very old manual work in Oman, a lot of people working in this field, the raw material is obtained from cutting the palm branches.



Oman is a country that is famous of its silver wares from ancient time and these wares reflect the Omani identity. There are different types and shapes that suit children, women and men.



Woods that are derived from palm branches without leaves are considered as old industry.

The boat making is an obvious example of carpentry industries in Oman. Old Omani people built the boats and ships by using wood.



People use the leather of animals to

make different items such as bags ,shoes .wallets, etc.


Textiles (Hand Weaving)

This industry known from the desert people Sadu industry through the spindle from the wool of sheep or goats.



Indigo is used in colouring of clothes, especially women’s. A blue colour there are specialised persons who can use this colouring in clothes and called local dyers.

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