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The World Crafts Council Africa works to promote handicraft trade and industry while helping its members to improve their productivity, explore markets and introduce them to the international arena. It also works as liaison between its members and the African Governments and Non-Government Organizations.


Aims and Objectives

  • To work towards steady growth of handicraft trade and industry.

  • To encourage African artisans to adopt handicraft production as their profession by preserving African cultural heritage and to popularize it in the World.

  • To strive towards enhancing the quality of handicraft goods & its productivity.

  • To provide pragmatic suggestions and advice to African Governments and its related agencies to formulate policy/programs for the betterment of handicraft trade & industry.

  • To popularize & promote handicraft products.



  • Organize seminars, symposiums and conferences on various topics relevant to strengthening the handicraft trade & industry.

  • Organize exhibition and trade fairs to highlight handicraft products & create public awareness in its usage.

  • Activate and increase contacts with National and International Agencies for the growth of handicraft trade & industry.

  • Explore additional markets for the handicraft products.

  • Institute award in recognition of highest export and best craftsmanship.

  • Arrange participation in international trade fairs & exhibitions for its members.

  • Publication of news bulletins, books, catalogues, members’ directory and other materials relevant to promote handicraft trade & industry.

  • Act as catalytic agent for management of training programmes for the benefit of its members.

  • Documentation & dissemination of information regarding handicraft trade & industry.

Regional Africa President 

Mr. Otunba Segun Runsewe


Regional Africa Vice President

Ms. Passent Nossair



Mr. Bila Ouedraogo

For French Speaking African Countries


Ms. Passent Nossair

For English & Arabic Speaking African Countries


Africa Region Website:

(Under Develop/Process)

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